Zeeland RP is great because....

We score high in realistic role play, why should you press a push to talk button if you want to talk, why can you not chase a cop and why I fly to prison while this is quite a drive then not to mention the fact that there is no judge that weighs whether the punishment is lawful? This is not the case with us and Zeeland RP is more of a Real Life simulator than a Role Play server.

Our Opinion On Realistic Role Play

With us it is completely different, nice and important whether you have push to talk on, as long as you can be heard and have the conversation in a positive way!

Feel like ''Copbaiting'' go ahead, but if you can't tell it anymore, you can't let the staff know either...

Are you going to jail? Prepare for a real life process: only being dealt with by a police judge is not necessary if you think that the case should come before a real judge or want to appeal against a ruling. Then this will all be possible according to the legal system of the Netherlands. After all, the public prosecutor can put you in custody for 3 days, this means that you may be detained for 3 x 24 hours (in game time) during the investigation, you may only contact your lawyer during that period.

And then finally, we are the staff members. Hello! Just like you, we are just a human being and if you are looking for a hierarchy, go and live in a communist country... We will treat you as you treat us, with respect and sincerity!

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