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Quick Start Information

How do I play on Zeeland Role Play?

How do I create a character at Zeeland RP?

How does the inventory and the F1 menu work at Zeeland RP?

Step 1 - Join our Discord Server!

As a first step, log in to our Discord server via this >>link<<.
After that, you need to read our rules to get the @👦Resident role.

Step 2 - Dutch Sirens (Optional)

We have a handy installation wizard that takes over the work from you and installs the Dutch sirens.

There is 1 but; pay attention to the installation location, this must be: (drive letter:\program files\Rockstar games\Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx)
SO NOT: (drive letter:\program files (x86)\Rockstar games\Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx)

Do you have the steam version? Then you need to enter this: (drive letter:\steamcmd\steamapps\Rockstar games\Grand Theft Auto V\x64\audio\sfx)


Step 3 - Join on FiveM

Now that you've gone through the instructions above, you're ready to conquer Zeeland RP! To join on our FiveM server you must have GTA V and FiveM installed.

GTA V can be purchased via various platforms such as; Rockstar Warehouse, Steam, Epic Games of de Microsoft Store. TIP: View all stores for the most advantageous offer, prices may vary.

FiveM is an unofficial multiplayer addon for GTA V, >>>download<<< and install it.

Connecting is easy, look for Zeeland RP in the server list (note: there is also a Zeeland RolePlay this is based on the place Zeeland in Brabant and we are not!)

An alternative way to connect;
After opening FiveM, press F8, type the command: connect, press enter and then F8 again to close the console window.

Keybindings and chat commands


Did you know: You can customize all keys via the keybindingssettings menu? 

Function QWERTY-Tastatur (EN/NL) AZERTY Keyboard (BE) Note
Interaction menu F1 F1 The interaction menu contains; work, citizen, vehicle and general functions.
Emotes menu F3 F3 Through the emotes menu you can shake hands, dance and hold things.
Adjustable F keys F2, F4, F7, F9, F10 & F11 F2, F4, F7, F9, F10 & F11 You can set these keys via the chat command /bind
Inventory F5 F5 Here you will find everything you have with you.
Inventory- Shortcuts 1-5 1-5 Everything you put in your inventory below 1-5 can be used quickly thanks to the shortcuts.
Shortcuts Inventory Overview Tab Tab A quick overview of your inventory shortcuts.
Scoreboard Home Home Via the Page UP button you can see in an overview which services are available and how many players are online.
Interaction with environment E E Via the E button you can interact with the environment, such as opening and closing doors.
M ? With your iPhone you can call, whatsapp, advertise, tweet, view your vehicles, advertise, do internet banking, manage your homes, order a taxi, lawyer, mechanic or towing service, call the police, fire brigade or ambulance, listen to Spotify and game to pass the time...
Hands up X X Handjes omhoog.
Look behind you C C Turn your neck.
Change of P.O.V V V Change camera.
Point B B You can point things out, pointing out others is not so neat ;-).
Bending down and tigering Left CTRL Left CTRL Press 1 time to squat and 2 times to tiger.
Jump Spacebar Spacebar Jump a hole in the air.


Function QWERTY-Tastatur (EN/NL) AZERTY Keyboard (BE) Note
Push to Talk (general) Left Alt Left Alt It is not mandatory but some prefer it. Do you want to talk voice activated? Then go to your voice settings via ESC.
Adjust voice volume ~ / ` ~ / ` Whisper, talk normally or SCREAM!


Function QWERTY-Tastatur (EN/NL) AZERTY Keyboard (BE) Note
Glove box Tab Tab If you are in the vehicle, you can store things in the glove box.
Trunk Tab Tab If you are behind your vehicle you can use the trunk.
Left turn signal -/_ -/_
Turn signal on the right =/+ =/+
Hazard lights Backspace Backspace
Put on/take off your seatbelt B B Unless you're tired of life or something.
Lighting H H
Vehicle lock/unlock L L
Cruise control Y Y Beware of the speed cameras!
Radio control ,/ ,/

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