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Zeeland RP is a FiveM Role Play Server. As the name suggests, the role play takes place in the province of Zeeland. We welcome you to our site and will share practical information and much more here!


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Zeeland RP
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Dear Contenders,
Fight Fair and Hard!

We only have a few rules, but our most important rules are... Use your common sense and keep it realistic!


  1. Everyone is treated with respect.
  2. There is NO cursing.
  3. You put your messages in the right channel.
  4. No quarrels in chat, you can solve them in a voice channel.
  5. No self-promotion/advertising. For example, for other discord servers or certain websites.
  6. The use of a voice changer is not permitted (with the exception of the use of a megaphone, for example the police in a chase).
  7. Staff members always have the last word.
  8. No music audible through your microphone.
  9. No soundboard without permission from staff!

Penalties and Sanctions

Members of the staff will perform an appropriate action:

  1. Sending or starting negative messages/discussions on discord (for this you get a server mute/ban)
  2. Multiple errors in discord or firing between members (ban on discord).

The last word/statement will only be done by administrators, this word is leading, and a discussion can lead to a higher penalty!

  1. If you are stopped (attempted). You follow this instruction neatly depending on the RP. (Think of a chase after a bank robbery) You treat the police with respect.
  2. If you drive too fast you run the risk of being caught, so if you want to take the risk of speeding, accept the consequences.
  3. The beating etc. of an ambulance driver, firefighter, police officer or other government service is only allowed when there is good RP behind it, otherwise not (For further information see Discord #❗server rules).
  4. When you perform a robbery, try not to get caught RP-wise. You are NOT allowed to shoot blindly.
  5. If there's a robbery going on, keep out of it. Let the police and the robbers do their RP. Act and react as you would in real life.
  6. Let the ambulance, fire brigade, police or other government service do their work in peace, when you are involved in something you can stay with it.
  7. When you are working on an RP you need to finish it as far as possible. This means that you are NOT going to combat log.
  1. Always stay in your RP, do not randomly do something else (is also not fun for others).
  2. If you're in an RP, you don't go AFK or leave.
  3. You drive as you do in real life. So no GTA-Style Driving!
  4. You are NOT allowed to steal government vehicles. If you do this, there are consequences.
  5. For VDM and RDM you immediately get a ban for 2 days, if you repeat this behavior then you get a permanent ban.
  6. Combat logging is NOT allowed.
  7. Using hacking/glitches results in a ban.
  8. If you scold with diseases, you will receive a ban of 2 days. On a second occasion, it is a permanent ban.
  9. Metagaming is NOT allowed.
  10. If you have been declared dead, you will have to create a new character. (This can be done with /register) In addition, you no longer know what happened in your previous 'life'. You do keep your job and the position you had.
  11. As an employee/giver of a government agency, you must channel in your control room when you are employed when 2 or more people are employed.
  12. Even if you want to kidnap a police officer or ambulance driver, there MUST be AT LEAST 2 other people employed in addition to that person.
  13. On Greenzones, no people are killed/kidnapped etc. However, this is allowed when there is an RP going on. 'Sheltering' in a Greenzone is therefore NOT allowed.

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